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The main character

2009-04-18 01:35:34 by sandman4b7

well now the main character is Project Death Machine and is fully equipped with many weapons and what not but ya a preview is done on my youtube video and also mah computer kinda crashed so i gotta restart a few things also the trailers screwed up and ill restart everything. here is the videoProject death machine exampleenjoy :)


2009-04-06 23:12:36 by sandman4b7

here is a drawing of G.H.O.S.T and his main weapons that he uses. note that this character might be the main enemy of PDM if not then the TANK will take his spot. a drawing of Project Death Machine, The Tank and other enemies will be done soon YAAAAAY! ALSO I will be needing some music for this and ill need anyones help if you have an idea or a track let me know cause I wont have the time to make a song. What I am looking for is a nice techno track that will be useful and it goes with the theme of the characters. if you can lol.


Meet the characters

2009-04-06 01:42:58 by sandman4b7

a drawing of the characters will be made soon but there is Project Death Machine, Tank, G.H.O.S.T (Pending on Krinkels permission),MERCINARY and of course the Army

A delay

2009-04-03 12:38:20 by sandman4b7

yeah there will be a problem with the trailer as it will be delayed
sorry but yeah heres a screenshot( I know it looks crappy but it will get better ok?)

A delay

First post

2009-03-28 19:08:34 by sandman4b7

HELLOOOOOO I am just new to this and already I have a video that is a work in progress and it will be called PROJECT DEATH MACHINE. Details will be posted later.